About AltSounds TV

About AltSounds TV

Born from a creative pulse in the rhythmic heart of Washington D.C., 2004, AltSounds started as a beacon for the unsung. It quickly transcended its roots, evolving into a sanctuary for the raw, the undiscovered, and the legendary.

In its first act, AltSounds bloomed alongside the digital renaissance of Myspace, carving out a niche for artist promotion. We offered a digital stage for artists, boasting an extensive library of tracks, peppered with exclusive tunes that couldn't be heard anywhere else. This was more than a website; it was a revolution in user experience and artist exposure.

As the tides of music consumption shifted, so did we. AltSounds 2.0 saw a rebirth in Wales. The blog era was dawning, and we embraced it, morphing into a hub of journalistic fervor. Album reviews, concert chronicles, festival journeys – our global team of over 50 passionate writers brought the music world to our readers’ fingertips. AltSounds 2.0's narrative was a tapestry of triumphs. We had hundreds of millions of eye balls grace our stage, covered high-profile events, and shared conversations with musical icons like Yoko Ono, Slash, Wayne Static, The Lemonheads and so many more. 

AltSounds third act, AltSounds TV, was conceptualized in the creative crucible of New York City. The essence was simple yet profound: a platform where the music speaks, and the audience immerses without effort. Carefully curated in New York City and Amsterdam, AltSounds became a haven for discovering weekly musical gems across all genres.

2017 marked another milestone with a sleek redesign, optimized for mobile devices and enhanced user experience. Our audience, a dedicated collective, appreciates our stand against the monotonous echo of templated blogs. 20 years later and 2024 sees AltSounds 4.0 as our next chapter.

We're not longer just a website; we're a movement, celebrating the unique, the bold, and the new.

AltSounds stands as a testament to the resilience of independent music and curation. For 20 years and counting, we've been the defiant voice in a crowded digital space, continuously evolving, never compromising. Our platform is a tribute to those who breathe music, serving up fresh, exhilarating musical curation that resonates.

Introducing AltSounds TV – where music isn't just heard, it's felt. Discover, indulge, and be part of the music revolution.

AltSounds: Because Music is Our Rebellion.