Submit Your Music Video to AltSounds

Where else can I submit my music video?

As an artist or musician looking to submit your music video, there are several platforms and websites like AltSounds you can explore. Some popular options include:

YouTube: As the largest place for video-sharing. YouTube is a great place to start. It’s free to upload your music video and allows you to reach a massive amount of people and possibly earn some extra money through ads once you have enough plays.

Vimeo: Vimeo is another popular place for video-sharing that caters more to professional filmmakers and artists. It offers higher video quality options and allows you to customize the video player.

Vevo: Vevo is a specialized music video hosting platform that is owned by major record labels. It’s a great option for song submissions looking to gain more exposure and showcase your art.

MTV: MTV accepts music video submissions through their website. If your video is selected, it could potentially be aired on the network and reach a wider audience.

Music blogs and websites: Many music blogs and websites like ours accept music video submissions for review and feature.

Dailymotion: Dailymotion is a video-sharing website that allows you to feature video and songs for free. It has a large user base and offers monetization options for creators.

It’s important to research each website before adding your music video to ensure they’re watched by the right people.

Tips for submission

If you submit a music video to a place that focuses on songs of a specific genre then it most likely won’t be picked up. For example, a hip hop track submission to a heavy metal website, then you’re probably not going to get far.

As a musician, submitting your music video to various platforms and websites is crucial for getting your music heard and seen by the right people.

However, just submitting your video is not enough – you need to optimize it for better visibility and discoverability and it takes endless hard work.

Here are some tips to help your music video get into the world:

Optimize your music video’s title, description, tags, and thumbnail

Your title should be catchy and descriptive, and your description should include keywords related to your music and genre. Use relevant tags to help users find your video when searching, and choose a high-quality thumbnail that accurately represents your video.

Submit your video to genre-specific platforms

Many platforms cater specifically to certain genres, such as rap, rock, pop, and electronic. If you submit your video to these platforms will help you reach people who prefer that genre and gain more exposure.

Submit your video to popular music platforms

There are also platforms that cater to all types of music and have a large audience. Submitting your video to these platforms will give you more visibility and potentially lead to more views.

By optimizing your video and submitting it to the right platforms, you can increase your chances of getting discovered and gaining new fans.


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How do I promote my music video?

There are many ways you can get your music videos in front of the right people.

Music Videos & Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that musicians can use to promote their music videos and reach a wider audience. There are a variety of social media platforms available that offer unique features and audiences. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are just a few of the popular platforms that musicians can leverage to promote their music videos.

Hashtags are important for boosting visibility and reaching new fans. By using relevant hashtags, musicians can attract new followers and increase their video’s reach.

Collaborations with other musicians or influencers in their genre can also be an effective way to promote music videos. Paid ads can also be used to reach a larger audience, but it’s essential to target the right audience and optimize the ad for maximum impact.


Facebook is a great platform to promote music videos, as it has a massive user base and provides various tools for creating and promoting content. Musicians can use Facebook to share their music video on their page, create events, and run ads to reach a larger audience. Facebook groups are also a valuable resource for musicians to connect with fans and other artists in their genre.


Twitter allows musicians to share short, catchy updates about their music and video. By using relevant hashtags, musicians can attract new followers and drive traffic to their music video. Twitter also provides an opportunity for musicians to engage with fans and other artists in their genre.


Instagram is a visually-driven platform that is perfect for promoting music videos. Musicians can create visually stunning posts and stories to promote their music video and engage with fans. Instagram also offers a variety of tools, such as IGTV and Instagram Reels, that musicians can use to create and promote video content.


TikTok has quickly become a favorite among musicians. It provides an opportunity to create short, engaging videos that are perfect for promoting music videos. TikTok is also known for its algorithm, which can help videos go viral and reach a wider audience.


Snapchat is another popular platform that musicians can use to promote their music videos. Musicians can use Snapchat to create short, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of their video or to share snippets of the video itself.

To maximize the effectiveness of social media promotion, it is essential to create engaging and shareable content. Musicians should aim to create content that resonates with their audience and encourages them to share it with others.

In summary, social media provides a wealth of opportunities for musicians to promote their music videos and reach a wider audience. By leveraging the unique features of each platform, creating engaging content, and using hashtags, collaborations, and paid ads, musicians can effectively promote their music videos and attract new fans.

Promoting your music video on AltSounds

The easiest way is to share your unique AltSounds music video link on your social media platforms. You can also spread the love for other artists by sharing other music from the AltSounds platform.

The domino effect of sharing more videos and channels means more promotion and people hearing your music.

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Music Video Submissions to AltSounds

AltSounds is a carefully curated resource of what is, in our opinions, the greatest new (and sometimes old) music. We explicitly only post music videos to AltSounds that we love, which ensures only the best new music videos in the world are featured on AltSounds.

That said, we understand the benefits of offering a way for record labels, PR companies, artists, producers, and bands to get their videos published on AltSounds, harnessing the power of our dedicated viewership regardless of our opinion. This is why we opted to develop an online space where any artist, producer, record label, or PR company can submit music for inclusion to us for a small fee.

Unlike many other places for submitting music videos, AltSounds is a completely ad-free experience without any subscription fee. And, by submitting your video for inclusion to AltSounds you are providing yourself with excellent visibility to people who would not have heard your music otherwise, simultaneously supporting the AltSounds cause and helping keep DIY, independent music alive.

The cost of a video submission is $5 (which contributes to the server costs of AltSounds to be able to continue to stream each music video).

This submission fee guarantees your inclusion in our music video database. Your individual AltSounds URL will remain live keeping your video as part of our ever-extended online music video database. Your song will also show up in Google and other search engine results related to your music video!

We watch and listen to each paid submission. Should our tastemakers love your video and/or song, they may opt to include your video in other ways including MOODS and TIME TRAVEL.

Your video submission also has the chance of being included on our HOME PAGE, being watched by serious music fans daily. If your music video is chosen by an AltSounds tastemaker you will be informed via email and, your music video will remain live in our MOODS, DISCOVER, and TIME TRAVEL indefinitely also.

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Music Video Submissions To AltSounds: The Rules

Your video must be either an official music video, lyric video, or live performance of you or your band. Please don’t submit music or videos that you do not explicitly own the copyright for.

We do not accept submissions for non-music-based content, interviews, audio recording clips, teasers, trailers movies, studio films, full albums, a Spotify playlist, or anything else other than the video types listed above.

By submitting to us you are confirming that you are the copyright holder and are eligible to be granting us the rights to submit your music video and its associated image.

We will attempt to adhere to your requested date but this might not always be possible. You agree by submitting that we will endeavor to meet the correct timing but any delay does not result in the ability to cancel the submission and that we will post at our earliest convenience.

AltSounds uses YouTube’s API to embed each video, so we don’t upload your music video directly to a server.